Living far from your family can be lonely, especially during a pandemic. We were on a mission to make sure our elders weren't.

COVID-19 has affected multiple factors of our lives. For our elders to have to be separated from their families can be a real struggle, our members wanted to make they felt the love and kindness during this pandemic.

Makaya Ferguson

Makaya introduces to us how creating gift baskets for our nursing homes became our community service project. Makaya also explains how we're joining forces with multiple businesses and organizations to get our project finished.

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Meet our Community Service Project Team

Meet the team that worked so hard to deliver their promise and help out our elders.

Makaya Ferguson


Jayden Pace

Community service project member

Carter Combs


We've been heard by the Community.

We have been heard! Read what they have to say below. 

" I am really proud of our Community Service Project Team and Chapter as a whole. They recognized that the elderly in nursing homes are not getting the love and extra visitors that they normally would get from family, due to the national pandemic. FBLA members turned that into wanting to help the residents feel that compassion. The excitement to help their community members is such a blessing and warmth to see. I am eager to finish the process of getting donations and see the fruition."​

Angie Winters

FBLA Advisor

"In a year where we have not been able to see each other as often or socialize much, I truly believe that every kind gesture that we can make will have a big impact on the people around us.  Everyone in the nursing home has been very isolated from outside contact and I know they will greatly appreciate some kind words from our community.  My hope would be that this will inspire others to take the time to brighten someone else's day."

Matt Ferguson

Principal at Huntsville Middle School

"I'm happy with whatever they'd love to bring!"


Resident at Nursing Home

Join us and be part of the hearts of others.

Join HMS's FBLA Community service project and warm the hearts of others.



Can't join in person? No worries!

Thanks to digital platforms, you don't have to be in person to participate. We have made a page where you can write a letter. These letters will then be printed an accompany the gift baskets.

Want to participate in a different way? Find out other ways to do so by clicking "Get Involved" below.

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