Getting involved in our FBLA Chapter is easy!

You can get involved in our FBLA chapter in person, or even from the comfort of your home.

Currently Open Involvement Spots:

  • Community Service Project Volunteering

Because of our current focus on the Community Service Project, we are only offering volunteering position.
You can get involved in this in three ways:

  1. Learning more about the project and volunteer based on the opportunities.
  2. Write a letter from the comfort of your home.
  3. Donate money to help our Community Service Project Efforts.

Sounds good, but what does each one mean?

Option 1: Learning more and volunteering
By learning more and volunteering, you directly help our Community Service Project by enabling us to speed up the process and deliver the gift baskets on time.

Option 2: Writing a Letter
If you write a letter, whether from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever, you make our gift baskets more appealing and give a more personal touch to each resident. This means that while they'll receive the items from the gift baskets, a letter could make their day, week, or even month better. Some residents may even take the letter to heart and remember them forever. It is a heart-warming effect that the letter can create. It also present to our community that our FBLA members care and show it to our local nursing homes.

Option 3: Donate
Donating can help us in many ways. The way we have it setup is, you donate with DonorsChoose which has our Amazon lists. This means that any money contributed will go directly to our Amazon Lists. Everyone can see these lists to make sure that it is all going towards our nursing homes.

I think I'm ready to contribute!

You can find all of our involvement options on our homepage, however to make it easier, we have included them below this text. Feel free to click whichever option you would like to proceed with. If you decide to volunteer, we have a form located on our homepage.